of medicine and miracles

Of Medicine and Miracles

Of Medicine & Miracles will be shown at Viva Texas FF. miracles and happenstance.

Directed by Ross Kauffman, Ross Kauffman is an Academy Award® winning filmmaker. His credits include the feature documentaries Born Into Brothels, E-TEAM, and Tigerland among others. He also specializes in short form documentary film and socially conscious branded content. Ross is the founder of Red Light Films, based in New York City. The documentary benefits from direct interviews with Emily’s parents. Their emotional re-telling of events is incredibly moving. Their urgency and desperation are palpable. The audience also peers behind the curtain at the vast medical infrastructure supporting Emily’s treatment – the researchers, physicians, nurses, regulators, and the extended care team. The expression “it takes a village” will truly resonate differently for you after viewing this documentary.

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