poster of documentary called not another ballet story

Not Another Ballet Story

A small contemporary dance company in San Francisco provides dancers with a unique opportunity to write the future of ballet, away from the ballet world’s entrenched ‘story ballet’ tradition.

Director: Emily Packer

Emily Packer is an experimental filmmaker with an interest in border culture and geography, currently directing a feature film about oysters as queer environmental heroes. She was a fellow in the 2019 Collaborative Studio at UnionDocs in Brooklyn, and is a proud alumna of the anomalous Hampshire College. Her work has been screened across the country, including at Anthology Film Archives, BlackStar Film Festival, DOCNYC, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and streaming online with the Criterion Channel. In addition to her independent work, Emily is a freelance editor, producer, and programmer for film festivals in New York City. Emily collects voicemails for future use; consider yourself notified.

  • Emily R PackerDirectorBy Way of Canarsie, Holding Back the Tide, TOO LONG HERE, As Sweet, La Frontierra Chingada, Nationless, When I’m Her, The Victorias
  • Ben StillDirector of CinematographyLast Stop for Lost Property, Back of My Hand, Earth Worship, Silhouette, Guitars Are Better Than Synthesizers, Time Becomes Forever
  • Anna La RocheEditorThe Quest for Sleep, The Show About the Show
  • Amy SeiwertKey Cast
  • Celia FuschilleKey Cast