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Mexican Curious

What started as hobby, little by little became an essential part of of his life. A Mexican who has been running independently for over 50 years and who qualified for the first Amateur World Championship in London.
Dreams can come true, even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that paralyze the world.

Director Biography – Alejandra Fletes Martínez

Degree in Communication Sciences. I have worked for more than 10 years in a production house and I have worked in different areas such as producer, assistant director, production design, art and sound in different film projects. Actually I directed and produced my first film “Mexican Curious”

  • Alejandra Fletes MartínezDirector
  • Alejandra Fletes MartinezProducer
  • Jorge Fletes OmañaKey CastCoco
  • Carlos Fletes OmañaKey Cast
  • Pedro Fletes OmañaKey Cast
  • Julio Noriega VillegasKey Cast
  • Ulises Xbalanque ArciniegaKey Cast
  • Sinuhé Fletes VázquezKey Cast

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