Dangerous ones poster

Dangerous Ones

A New York City couple take a getaway trip to Texas, but unknowingly cross paths with the wrong kind of people.

Rankin Dean

Director Biography – Rankin Dean

Rankin Dean began making videos & shorts for YouTube at 11 years old in his small hometown Colorado City, Texas which later led to acting on stage in theatre throughout high school and college. Rankin received his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree in Acting at Abilene Christian University and studied Film Production & Professional Screen Acting at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center.

Director Statement

I am certain this movie would be a perfect addition to your festival! It is truly the definition of indie filmmaking, made by passionate cast & crew members on an ultra-low budget. I wrote, directed, shot, and edited this film and had an amazing small crew of no more than 10 who were all under 30 years old. We made this purely from our passion for film and our love for Texas, so we would love to have this played at your festival! Thank you for your consideration and for your support

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