1 in 300000

1 in 300,000 is a narrative short of an adult born with a rare congenital heart disease known as Anomalous Left Coronary Artery to the Pulmonary Artery (ALCAPA). Facing their third open heart surgery they begin to search for others living with ALCAPA and have been saved using the Takeuchi repair. She was the first infant in the United States to receive the Takeuchi repair in January 1983 and the second infant in the world to survive the Takeuchi repair. 1 in 300,000 has helped build community with others living with many different forms of Congenital Heart Disease, raise awareness and inspire hope while navigating the unknown.

Director: Melissa Salazar

Born and raised in Victoria, Texas Melissa has lived in Portland, Oregon since 2012. After graduating from Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in 2015 she began working as a youth mentor in the Portland Metro Area. She incorporates her artistic skills to help others tell their stories through a trauma informed lens. When not working she enjoys exploring in the vast forests of the Pacific Northwest, drawing or watching baseball.

Currently, She works for Open Signal Community Media Portland. A Community Media Center where she provides direct support to producers, adjusting services and Mentoring based on unique needs. As part of the Community Media team, her primary role is to instruct equity-driven workshops to cohort students and work one-on-one to provide technical support.

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