Viva Texas Film + ARTs Festival

In partnership with Victoria Bach Festival

A Weekend of the Arts - Celebrating Creativity in Victoria, Texas

Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression at the *Viva Texas Weekend of the Arts* in picturesque Victoria, Texas. This enchanting event is a fusion of creativity, showcasing a harmonious blend of film, visual arts, music, and hands-on workshops. As the sun-kissed landscapes of Texas meet the boundless boundaries of human imagination, this weekend promises an unforgettable celebration of culture, innovation, and the unbridled spirit of artistic endeavor.

Art Expedition at the Texas Zoo

Wildlife and Art Unite: Art Show at The Texas Zoo: Witness the enchanting alliance of wildlife and art at the *Art Show at The Texas Zoo*, also hosted by Jupiter Horizons Gallery. Marvel at the fusion of nature's wonders and human creativity as artists draw inspiration from the animal kingdom. From breathtaking portraits of majestic creatures to abstract interpretations of the wild, this exhibit invites you to contemplate the delicate balance between the animal realm and artistic expression.


Festival Dinner Dinner Featuring and hosted by Demi Cruz

Live Performances their live music and a viewing of their music videos.

Victoria Bach Festival

Victoria Bach Festival |June 1-8, 2024 Victoria Bach Festival "The Victoria Bach Festival, led by Artistic Director Alejandro Hernandez-Valdez, celebrates the work of J.S. Bach and composers spanning the ages. Orchestral, chroal, and chamber works are performed by local and nationally acclaimed artists in various venues in Victoria and South Texas"

VTX Art Walk - a visual extravaganza

Crossroads Art House VTX Art & Music Walk:** Embark on a visual journey like no other during the quarterly art walk hosted by Crossroads Art House. Stroll through a kaleidoscope of artistic brilliance as local and regional artists proudly display their creations. From paintings that speak a thousand emotions to sculptures that breathe life into spaces, this art walk transforms the streets into an open-air gallery where creativity knows no bounds.

Music Walk- Victoria Fine Arts Association

Harmonies in the Air: Let the melodies of the *VTX Art & Music Walk* serenade your senses as you explore the intersections of sound and soul. Experience a symphony of genres and rhythms as talented musicians grace various stages throughout the weekend. Whether you're a connoisseur of classical compositions or a lover of contemporary beats, this musical journey promises to resonate with your heartstrings.


Explore your creativity with a through various workshops, from plants, business, screen writing, Artificial Intelligence to bring your ideas to life, networking, hands on demonstrations, and more


Voice over | AI scriptwriting | Animation | Film Empower Your Creativity: Engaging Workshops:** Elevate your artistic prowess through a series of engaging workshops peppered throughout the weekend. Learn from seasoned artists, filmmakers, and musicians as they share their expertise and insights. Whether you're a novice seeking to unlock your potential or a seasoned creator looking to refine your craft, these workshops offer a unique opportunity to expand your horizons and embrace the boundless world of creativity.

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